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Lepa Galeb-Roskopp


The future of design is being shaped by the always changing attitudes and perspectives of generations.  There is a key challenge that each designer has to address and that is the priorities of the consumers.  What are people thinking about, what is important to them, what makes them feel a certain way? Jewelry is an emotional art form and as art is consumed in many different ways, the designer’s eye and talent must coalesce to reflect the culture of the times, while still honoring the past.

This is a talent that Lepa Galeb-Roskopp has fully developed.  All of the Misahara jewels are handmade; details are finessed with no compromising.  The core values of the brand revolve around the designer’s personal journey and love of beautiful raw materials and design. By paying tribute to nature in her jewelry, she reminds us of the need to sustain and preserve what sustains us all, our Earth. Her recent Time Collection reflects the fragility of nature and is superbly captured in the Crying Eye ring; sustainably sourced Emeralds depict our eyes with tears over the water shortages our planet has been experiencing.  The Petal Collection was created to show the extraordinary beauty of nature in the South African landscape.  As a global citizen she is able to not only produce unique designs, but also share her experiences with an authenticity not commonly seen in fine jewelry.  The Unity Collection reminds us all of what we have in common and the importance of family.   Each and every Misahara Collection brought to market has an important story to be told, and regardless of the medium, we know that all great design originates from a story.

Lepa’s appreciation for diverse cultures emanates from her bicultural heritage, bringing the exotic flavor of the Adriatic and the Sahara to the cosmopolitan cities around the world. What people everywhere seek is design that can be educational, enjoyed and understood and Lepa ‘s approach elevates the way in which people can engage with beautiful jewels.  The future of design is rooted in how we can learn from the past, appreciate the present and share in the future. Misahara jewels, are a genuine art form, lovingly handcrafted and designed and presented through a lens of humanity that honors our values of compassion and appreciation of nature’s gifts.

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