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Lepa Galeb-Roskopp


Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, designer of Misahara jewelry, was born into a bi-cultural milieu allowing her to experience different places around the world capturing the essence, landscape and colors of each town. She has created her own culture of creativity with her jewelry collections—a unique voice that is anchored in creative excellence.

Lepa’s passion for the out-of-doors is apparent in many of her designs where nature’s bountiful elements co-exist with her choice of metals, gemstones and colors. She has an eye that captures the history, the sea and the landscape of each country with a passionate heart that captures the colors, the textures and the spirit of each location -- all beautifully sculpted in the jewelry she designs.

The Balkans — a place she considers ‘home’ and the epicenter of her rich heritage, inspire her creative process and gives the brand a unique flair in fine jewelry. “Growing up, the Adriatic region was such a magical place and I loved going there as a child with my family. Now, we bring our children there so they can experience the many natural beauties that Montenegro has to offer. It is a place where my soul and inner creative eye comes alive.”

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