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Luxury is being…. Désinvolte!

By now we are all likely exhausted from trying to understand marketing to the new luxury consumer. We attend seminars and webinars and talks in search of the perfect formula. The common buzz words, artisanal, excellence, precious, rare, unique, have now given way to creating memories, telling a story and having a dialogue.

​Diving, Riding and Flying… A Desinvolte Summer!

​Diving, Riding and Flying… A Desinvolte Summer!

Misahara’s endless Summer adventures are the perfect representation of what the house stands for: Unity. With a team around the world and partners across the globe, it is a United team in the Adriatic who gathered together for the ‘DIVE’ event. Designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp hosted a reunion in the Adriatic of the jewelry house's collaborators, friends and clients to celebrate the opening of a new boutique in Porto Montenegro.

Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

We are excited to announce that Porto Montenegro, the home of Misahara’s boutique in Europe, is opening the largest Superyacht Berth in the world. The marina recently added a berth of 820 feet to its lineup, making Porto Montenegro an even more attractive destination in the Adriatic region. The Adriatic is a significant source of inspiration to many of Lepa’s creations, including the Adriatic collection itself of course, whereby the clear dark blue sea and glistening sun is transpired into many unique designs. We are excited to see how this expansion in Porto Montenegro further develops and transpires into the Adriatic region.


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