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What can be more fun than working with the most insanely magnificent Emeralds!

What can be more fun than working with the most insanely magnificent Emeralds!

Misahara is particularly excited about this special time as we initiated a new collaboration with GEMFIELDS; one of the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones. “The ethos of Gemfields is in perfect synergy with our fine jewelry house values” says designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp. "It is an honor and privilege to work with likeminded people and with these mesmerizing gemstones.”

The fun began in New York City, where after hand selecting her absolute favorites, Lepa began creating work that she knew had to be equally special.  “I was surrounded by trays of these green gems each one calling out to me...I was definitely in my happy place!”  Decisions decisions. "Zambian emeralds are so translucent and so eye-catching." added Roskopp. What would be the best way to showcase the most remarkable green emeralds ever seen? Finally, after playing and examining, the decision was made to debut the emeralds in a unique suite of jewels that were created from the Misahara !  How fitting to put these stones that took 500 million years to develop, in a collection that speaks to time, the water conservation issues seen around the world and everyone's responsibility to work and live while being mindful of our beautiful planet...A perfect marriage of natural beauty, history and modernity. 

We love that Gemfields operates in a way that contributes positively to national economies and takes a leading role in building lasting, sustainable livelihoods for the communities surrounding the mines. Gemfields also supplies as much as 30% of the world’s emeralds from Kagem, the company’s first emerald mine, located in Northern Zambia. Misahara’s deep affection for South Africa resonates with their philosophies. While we create brilliant jewelry, we are passionate about the jewels reflecting on all the people who contribute to mining these unique gems. Adding to Gemfields’ prestige, many stars have worn their gems, such as Ruth Negga and of course, their premier brand ambassador, Mila Kunis.

Now, bold green facets come to life in a double finger ring, a diamond and gold chain necklace and delicate climber earrings.

The results will speak to your heart!

Get your green on and visit the Misahara boutique at the Plaza Hotel in New York!

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