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The Season of Love with Misahara...

The Season of Love with Misahara...

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Is there an emotion more challenging to describe than love? For thousands of years, artists have tried to portray this feeling in various forms of media and yet, there still remains an endless definition for love. One aspect of it is definitely settled; love is an extraordinary element provoking the sensation of true happiness. At Misahara, we like to call it UNITY.


On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2016, Misahara collaborators describe their definition of love. In New York or Silicon Valley, in Pietermaritzburg, London, Montenegro and among other places in the world, each and everyone offers an intimate view of whom, what or where they feel united with.


During the photo shoots and personal descriptions on what love is, some may have blushed like Burmese rubies, some may have found their blue sapphire eyes teary and for others it may just have been a heightened sense of adrenaline running through their body and yet for everyone, a sensational feeling of Unity was generated stemming from the thoughts of love.

From all around the world, Misahara wishes you a marvelous Valentine’s Day, may you be united with what, whom and where you feel true Love.

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