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Dazzling Fall 2015

Dazzling Fall 2015

Misahara’s fall debut started on the runway at NewYork’s Fashion Week, where the Sahara Link earring and Purple Passion ring, among other pieces, were worn on the runway in collaboration with fashion designer, Victor de Souza's new line, bringing a true shine on the catwalk...


Meanwhile, in the Adriatic, Designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp starred on the front cover of the Adriatica Pearl's October edition, with her designs worn in Vive Magazine’s editorial fashion shoot, featuring the Stena Necklace, the Fennelle ring and SaharA Pyramid earrings, along other pieces.

Further East, Moscow welcomed Misahara’s team for a mesmerizing view at the Library Hall, where Revolution Magazine hosted a bespoke dinner with an assortment of dazzling jewels from the Misahara collections.


Fall 2015 is even more exciting for Misahara as the masterpiece, 'Cali Dreamin' was unveiled this October. The source of inspiration behind this necklace was an intense moment, where Lepa Galeb-Roskopp felt a deep connection with Mother Nature, while surfing on the coast of California with her children. This piece composed of fancy stones, is the result of a euphoric and joyful moment that the designer shared with her family.


Stay up to date with Misahara as we enter the iconic department store, Neiman Marcus, in Palo Alto and Palm Beach next month…

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