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L interviews Eloise...

L interviews Eloise...


The iconic character living at the Plaza, Eloise is celebrating her birthday on November 4th. L, Misahara’s ambassador and editor at large, meets with the girl that has colored the Plaza Hotel in Pink. Nearby the jewelry boutique, Eloise answers questions with her signature happy mood!
L_Signature.png As reported by L, Misahara's Ambassador and Editor-at-Large.

L: Hi Eloise, your birthday is coming up, how old are you?
E:  On my birthday November 4th, I will celebrate my 62nd year of being six years old!

L: Where were you born?
E: Here’s the thing of it, in 1955 Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight brought me to life at The Plaza hotel in New York City.

L: Key Thompson and Hillary Knight are your parents, what character trait did they give you that you are most proud of?
E: Ooooh  I am rawther good at skiddering through The Plaza’s hallways and thinking of ways to get presents but I am mostly thankful for the pursuit of adventure that Kay and Hilary passed on to me.

L: Pink is obviously your color. What your favorite pink gemstone?
E:   I love, love, love all things pink, but when I go to Misahara I must always try on everything that has a pink sapphire!

L: What is your favorite room at the Plaza?
E: I’m rawther fond of the Terrace Room, where I often get to watch debutantes prancing around at gorgeous, affairs, galas and weddings.

L: What is the best part living in the penthouse of the Plaza?
E: OOOoooooo I absolutely love butler service, they deliver whatever I want all the way up to my room on the tippy top floor.  Sometimes when I am playing dress up, I have to call down and say, “hello, it’s me, Eloise. I need a pink, pink, pink bracelet and matching necklace delivered as quickly as possible. Charge it please!”  

L: In the movie produced by Handmade Production, how was it to work with the most celebrated Nanny in the world? (Julie Andrews)
E: Julie Andrews was a rawther perfect depiction of Nanny, my favorite mostly companion!

L: What would you like to do as an adult?
E: Nanny says growing up is for the birds; so, I’d just rather be a precocious city child forever.

L: Your best memory at the Plaza is…?
E:  I cawn’t think of anything more memorable than the night my portrait went missing in the 1960s. The next day Walter Cronkite announced on national television that I had been kidnapped! There was enormous excitement and it wasn’t until earlier this Fall that my portrait was rediscovered by the New York Historical Society and hung in the museum’s, ‘Eloise at the Museum’ exhibit which was all about Me, Eloise!

L: Your world seems like an open book – what is something we don’t know about you?
E: I am not particularly good at keeping secrets, I’d rawther share all my excitement with all of my mostly companions and visitors of The Plaza.

L: What is your secret indulgence?
E:Here’s the thing of it, I love, love, love everything indulgent but my needs are few; food (filet mignon), shelter (The Plaza), clothing (Dior) and jewelry (Misahara, of course!)

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