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Finding More in Mother Nature

Finding More in Mother Nature

With all the talk about Global Warming it’s amazing how many people still do not have a firm grasp on the importance of preservation. Look at what’s happening now in the Amazon rain forest. For thousands of years there has been an enormous respect and understanding of how humans interact with and rely on the “natural order of things.” In today’s hectic environment, it truly becomes a luxury to take a step back and embrace the beauty around us. 

Misahara’s founder and designer, Lepa Galeb Roskopp, has been taking her inspiration from Mother Nature since the inception of her jewelry Company. This summer she decided to take it one step further and try something totally different. See how one discipline informs the other and where this designer focused her travel experiences in the natural wonders. 

From her home in Porto Montenegro, Lepa has spent at least 6 hours each day exploring the various landscapes of this beautiful country via dune buggies and quads!   In the highlands of the Montenegrin Mountains she was surrounded by untouched beauty leaving her free from life’s everyday worries. Sure beats Uber! 

From repelling down the Medjurec canyon, to jumping from extraordinary heights, there is a feeling that one can conquer whatever comes next! 

Lepa has always felt that the beauty of the sea refreshes the mind. It is almost as if the sea water nourishes the soul. An untouched beach meets the shore with only the birds chirping and the waves crashing on the rocks. With each day she connected to what’s important and gained new respect for the powers beyond us all. 

In a conversation with Lepa we asked... 

What do you feel when you’re out in the countryside without the trappings of everyday life?

“I’ve always felt the most comfortable in my skin out in the fresh air, in a natural setting. When it’s just me and the mountains it is a good kind of isolation where my imagination runs wild, my mind is clear and my heart is full. There is a tremendous sense of freedom that I experience as I connect through all my senses. Each day I learned something new about this environment… did you know that when you're in the wild you can see so many different species of plants that survive in remote climates through cross pollination? I even discovered a particular plant that is used by the highlanders to alleviate anxiety!”

How does that translate to design?

“In this space I can see the world through an unfiltered lens… the spectacular colors of the sky at sunset, the shades of green in the forest, the variations of blue in the sea; it’s all there to see if you take the time. I interpret these colors and textures and incorporate them into my designs. For me, it’s poetic; because it is here in Mother Nature where I am most at peace, it’s a rejuvenation.”

How can we partake in this beauty?

“I love sharing my explorations, we all should take a breath and enjoy the simple beauty around us… it’s bigger than us… more beautiful and powerful. I am thrilled to share my stories and photographs so you can be part of the Misahara journey.”

Take a peek…

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