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​Diving, Riding and Flying… A Desinvolte Summer!

​Diving, Riding and Flying… A Desinvolte Summer!

Misahara’s endless Summer adventures are the perfect representation of what the house stands for: Unity. With a team around the world and partners across the globe, it is a United team in the Adriatic who gathered together for the ‘DIVE’ event. Designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp hosted a reunion in the Adriatic of the jewelry house's collaborators, friends and clients to celebrate the opening of a new boutique in Porto Montenegro.

Located on the main street of the marina, Lepa unveiled a one of a kind treasure in this new boutique: the Golden Habitat ring. This exquisite piece reflects the natural beauty of Misahara's inspiration rooted in Montenegro. The ring is handcrafted and set in 18k yellow gold with shimmering blue, green and white diamonds that echo the sparkling waters of the Adriatic. This piece celebrates the preservation of the endangered beauty that is living coral.

Designer Spotlight

The Unity Collection, a must have for the Summer. Taking its lead from the preeminent Misahara Collection, at the heart of the new line is the Misahara Unity symbol—a triangular element used in the designs of every piece of Misahara jewelry. The Unity symbol is a testament to the philosophy of unifying different cultures and ideologies bringing together a sense of understanding and respect for the many differences that make up the people of the world. Whether on the beach, on a motorcycle or at a gala, this Collection offers elegant and modern ways to celebrate a chic and desinvolte Summer. Be Desinvolte!

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