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​A New Collection is Sprouting at Misahara!

​A New Collection is Sprouting at Misahara!

It’s true, winter has been a long thaw and perhaps the blooms aren’t quite peeking through, but we can smell a spring breeze on the imminent horizon and with that brings a sense of ease to elegant women around the world. Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara’s head designer speaks the same language as these women who desire effortless fashion and jewelry without sacrificing style and unique, personal looks they create.

PY2A6754.jpgSo while we patiently await the arrival of a colorful, cool and calming season, we also await the launch of a new jewelry collection that is the same. Lepa is busy creating a new collection (Misahara by Lepa) designed for this very woman who wants to wear her unique personal style as she is dressing for the day’s activities or evening’s outings, defined by gold and dynamic designs. Pieces that work together worn layered or alone, mixing colors, metals and textures. Jewelry that goes with her wherever she is around the Globe.

The Collection (Misahara by Lepa) will be one of the few fine jewelry collections in the world dedicated to donating a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization that is close to Misahara’s heart and meaningful to the mission of the company. The charity will be announced in a special release coming soon.

“This collection is inspired by our Unity symbol, representing where two worlds connect and become one, which for me symbolizes inner peace. All of us at Misahara believe in fusion of cultures, ideologies and beliefs, allowing us to coexist in our one beautiful world,” Lepa Galeb-Roskopp.

Choosing Favorites!

It’s always hard to select favorites especially when you have a collection of jewelry as inspired, beautiful and prolific as Misahara’s but there is something about springtime that opens the heart and mind for new adventures and ideas. So this month, Lepa’s favorite pieces are an experiment in layering—mirroring the contours of a woman’s style and letting her create her own color story.


Pesak, Duga slip-on and Duga clasp bangles are the perfect way to create different color stories to suit different moods and events. Sensational colors of spring in all shades of juicy colors—fire opal, hot pink sapphires, rainbow colored sapphires, green diamonds, yellow diamonds, white diamonds, icy blue diamonds, champagne diamonds, smoky topaz, blue aqua, mystical paraiba tourmaline and red ruby—an array of colors that rivals even the largest box of crayons and lets you color your canvas with the broadest strokes. Each bangle is handset with over 6 carats of gemstones in 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold.


The color story continues on the ear with the Zeta and Jara hoop earrings in two sizes; small or large in another amazing array of color: diamonds in green, black, white or yellow and sapphires in pink, hot pink or rainbow mix. With the same spherical design as the bangles, the hoop earrings boast sparkle and glimmer from the inside out so no matter where you are going, the color story goes with you.

Ripples of Excitement at the Adriatic Sea!

The Misahara boutique in Porto Montenegro is undergoing a spring revamp of sorts as Lepa and her staff prepare for a very busy and exciting spring and summer season.


When you visit the boutique, with the stunning scapes of the Adriatic Sea in the backdrop, you will sense a renewed spirit to the boutique and its staff. Product training, new merchandising displays and product offerings are being tweaked at this very moment. Lepa and her staff want everything in ‘ship shape’ order (or should we say ‘yacht shape’ order) to welcome the many visitors that will pass through the doors of the boutique in the coming months.

Ivan Bday 3.jpg

Remember, patience is a virtue and soon, very soon, a radiant sun will be shining, a balmy breeze will be blowing and the ease of our wardrobes will glisten and shine with metals and gemstones and all that is beautiful.

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