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The Daughters Tell All

The Daughters Tell All

Once back in New York earlier this Fall, I engaged with Mara and Sara Roskopp,
the daughters of Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, designer of the handmade jewelry house,
Misahara.  On a cool street in SOHO Manhattan, I sat in Maman Cafe where the
younger generation agreed to share with me their feelings about their mother's
latest collection, Sahara: a blend of their names. This meaningful  collection
was designed to represent Misahara’s Unity Symbol with a story of chaos, love,
acceptance and always with the underlying tone of Unification. I wanted to
interview those who are the true essence and inspiration of this hammered gold
and diamond Collection.  It was only natural to interview the one’s closet to the
designer’s heart. As Mara and Sara enter the cafe, I see the brilliant little diamonds
and yellow gold that I know to belong to the Collection I have seen in the jewelry store
nearby... (at the Plaza)


As reported by L, Misahara's Ambassador and Editor-at-Large.

What is your mom's favorite thing to do?

Mara: One of her favorite things to do is to travel and spend time with our family. Wherever we go we always have the most memorable experiences and constantly laugh about all of the encounters we have along the way.
Sara: My mothers favorite thing to do is spend time with the family, and design jewelry.

What’s your mother’s job?

Mara: To teach us a work ethic and instill values that will help guide us throughout life.
Sara: My mothers job is first, raising my siblings and I, and second running her company.

What is your happiest memory with your mother?

Mara: It’s hard to choose one specific memory however this past spring our family took a trip to St.Barths and we rented these little red Moke cars and went around the island. I remember one day I was driving with my mom and the entire drive we were just laughing because the cars would go so slow up hills and you just felt like they could break down at any minute.
Sara: My happiest memory with my mom is everyday that I am with her. This may sound played-out, but my mom and I always find a way to make one another laugh. Our similarities really help us bond, and every time I’m with her, I’m beyond happy.

Tell about a funny time with your mother in your life.

Mara: About a year ago I called her from university to ask her about the trunk show she was having in Illinois (Chicago). After I exclaimed that I didn’t know she was doing a trunk show in Illinois she said, “Oh no were doing a trunk show in Chicago!” I said uhm mom, do you realize Chicago is in Illinois. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.
Sara: My mother and I have shared many fun experiences. I would say one of the most comical times was when we were traveling together to London and the whole day was a disaster. We almost missed our flight, then we get on the plane and my mom spills water all over me. It was a very chaotic journey, but we turned it into a laughable experience.

What do you love most about your mother?

Mara: There are too many things to love but she is so easy to talk to and can always give me the best advice, as I’ve gotten older we have grown very close and she is definitely the first person I go to when I need advice.
Sara: I love my mothers strength, because it inspires me to persevere through difficult times. Even in tough situations, my mom always figures everything out. This is one of my mothers best characteristics and I really aspire to have her strength and drive.

What do you poke your mother about?

Mara: Her facial expressions, they always tell exactly what she’s thinking and it constantly makes me laugh.
Sara: I poke my mother about her traveling. Although I know she does it for work, I sometimes use it against her.

What do you think will she be doing 10 years from now?

Together: She’ll still be designing jewelry and probably be living in NYC.

Strict or easy going?

Mara: Since I was the eldest child, she was strict with me but always very fair. As I’ve gotten older however she’s become more easy going.

How does it feel to have a fine jewelry collection named after you?

Mara: I think my mom naming the collection after us makes the jewelry that much more special and shows that it is held really close to her heart. The jewelry collection isn’t something that is just made to sell and make money but rather the talent and expression of my mom’s creativity.
Sara: Having a fine jewelry collection named after me is really special, especially since its my mothers company. I see all the hard work that goes into creating the pieces, and the love my mom has for my family is personified by the beauty and title of the pieces.

What would be the ideal allowance? Tell me how you would use it?

Mara: My siblings and I don’t have allowance but I love to cook and try new recipes so I would definitely use it for that.
Sara: An ideal allowance would be $20 a week because it’s enough for food when I go to eat out with friend.

What advice would you give your mom?

Sara:  I would give the advice to my mom to relax and understand her hard work will pay off in the end.

One word to describe her?

Mara: Inspiring 
Sara: Unique

The Unity symbol is at the epicenter of Sahara Collection, can you give me your definition of Unity?

Mara: When I hear the word unity I think of coming together as one and being united with family, friends, or whoever it would be.

Do you think your mom has met her soul mate when she was your age?

Mara: Yes, I am 20 now and my dad and her started dating when she was 18 so she had definitely met her soul mate, my dad, by now.
Sara: Yes, I am 15 years old and my mother met my father when she was 15. They didn’t fall in love until later on, but she did meet her soul mate at my age.

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