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Ferrari Partners with Misahara in Pebble Beach

For the first time in it's 70-year history, Ferrari showcased fine jewelry at their upcoming event in Pebble Beach. Both Ferrari and Misahara are recognized and admired for their superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge design and dedicated clientele. This important collaboration is part of the programming for the luxury automaker's 70th anniversary celebration, happening this year. Misahara sees this collaboration as a natural fit, as both brands represent rebellious luxury and impeccable design. 

Misahara's designer Lepa Galep-Roskopp says, “We are incredibly honored to be chosen as the exclusive jewelry partner for the 70th Anniversary Celebration in Pebble Beach. The cornerstones of both brands are so synergistic, making the engagement a seamless and natural experience. These discerning Ferrari clients will be discovering jewels that are innovative and handcrafted and sure to exceed their expectations.”

Misahara's designer will welcome guests in their Ferrari Partner Lounge from August 17th to August 20th.

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