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Re-Imagine Your Heirloom

With an extremely personal connection to her brand and long-term relationships with many of her clients, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, now brings this unique service to Misahara.

It all started when skateboarding world champion and Santa Cruz Bicycles founder, Rob Roskopp, married a desinvolte women with a keen eye for novelty and modern looks. After many fine jewelry pieces were gifted to her but not worn, Lepa decided to get creative!  Tapping into her passion for gems, her desire to be different, and her appreciation of storytelling, the jewels were ultimately transformed into unique designs that Lepa created and loved.

Misahara was born.

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Lepa's creativity is inspired by her family's travels and the people they meet along the way. “It is most important to me that my clients share ‘their story’ so together, we keep the history of the jewel alive while defining its new destiny” says Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, designer of Misahara.

“If you think about it, it takes up to 500 millions years to form an emerald, it would be a shame to not enjoy it during our short stay on this planet!” Trends, styles and tastes are in constant evolution and sometimes, a disconnect between your wardrobe and the precious heirloom you cherish keeps you from wearing it. At Misahara, the art of transforming your family jewelry is an opportunity to bring your treasured pieces out from the safe and into your current expression of fashion.

Let’s start your journey! 

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