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Did you know 18K gold can be Flexible?

At the eastern edge of Tara National Park in the Balkans, lies the Drina River, whose historic story has been inspiring poets, novelists and many other artists for countless years. This meandering river is a place dear to Misahara’s designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, and what inspired her to create this striking coiled ring. Using 18k memory gold - also called Spring gold, allows the finger to bend when worn, never compromising Misahara’s fine jewelry standards. A unique combination of diverse alloys are mixed into the gold giving the required flexibility to enjoy the design all day and every day. Whether mountain biking on the Lovcen or writing a novel, you can fully enjoy all your experiences in a Drina ring!

These fierce designs represent a fearlessness that few possess and many desire. Stunning white diamonds, rubies and sapphires complete these creations for women in search of a modern statement and freedom. From the Drina river to the Lovcen mountain or a New York City business lunch, the Drina rings set you free to cruise, ride or simply live.

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