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A Bold Statement: Born in Monte Carlo

A Bold Statement: Born in Monte Carlo

Designer Lepa-Galeb Roskopp was fueling herself with adrenaline at the Grand Prix in Monaco and decided the brilliant minds behind the wheels deserved a bold and luxurious statement. Using materials and gems such as Onyx and diamonds, Misahara unveiled the F1 Collection. Race car driver, Juan Pablo Montoya Roldán became a man of statements by wearing Misahara's Rolling Onyx Cufflinks. 

In one form or another, the cufflink, or 'sleeve button', has been a part of men's wardrobes for over a millennium. If there is a story to be told about the modern cufflinks and cuff styles prevalent in wardrobes today, it should certainly start with a mention of Alexandre Dumas' nineteenth century novel The Count of Monte-Cristo. Nowhere else in the history of western literature will you find a story where the cuff of a man's sleeve receives so much attention... while Dumas' famous novel takes place in Marseille, it is in Monte-Carlo that Misahara's Gentleman Collection was born.

The main thing to remember in choosing your cufflinks, beyond their functionality (which should be based on the kind of cuff you'll be wearing) is to keep in mind the fact that they should work in tandem with your other accessories.

You are not an F1 fan? Your spouse loves to steal your cufflinks? Well, you can always find a pair to spoil a special someone in the Grand Collection with the Stena design for a classic look ... or perhaps the Petal Cufflinks, should you like to share them with your spouse.

Happy Father's Day!

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