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craftsman.jpgMisahara is a fine jewelry house that pays tribute to the warm, shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea, the golden sand of the Sahara Desert as well as other mesmerizing destinations in the world that its designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp is inspired by. Misahara creations are handcrafted in New York and London by experienced ateliers who have worked with some of the world's most prestigious jewelry houses. The collections evoke the feeling of exquisite luxury, channelling a ‘desinvolte and suave’ flare marked by unique handcraftsmanship and the finest quality gemstones. Behind each and every piece lies a significant source of inspiration and a unique story inspired by the pristine elements of nature.

Designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, embodies the essence of the house of Misahara. Her bi-cultural heritage is a dominant force in how she births her opulent creations, while instilling subtle overtones of Mother Nature and cultures that have provided inspiration in her travels. Misahara has established home with a flagship boutique in New York at the Plaza hotel and a 'jewel box' in Porto Montenegro, where the creative energy of the brand is anchored. In the Fall of 2015, Misahara was embraced by Neiman Marcus and joined the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas in the Summer of 2016.

Our mission is to create a company that honors our vision and places our pieces in the discerning hands of those that choose to live life to its fullest. The traditions and inspirations of the past and present are our guideposts for creating a company that stands the test of time and creates art that lasts an eternity. All this is reflected in our Unity symbol, which is inscribed on our pieces. The Unity symbol reminds all of us at Misahara of the principles that guide us, and to our obligation to ourselves and to the world to be the best we can be… not just in our craft, but in life. As such, wherever we are in business, we work with local children’s charities to help care for those that cannot care for themselves. Remembering the past, working on the present, building for the future – this is Unity, and that is who we are at Misahara.

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